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Event Details

When:     Tuesday 4th of December 2018
Where:    Aitutaki Lagoon


  • PADDLERS:NZD$175/person
  • SPECTATORS:NZD$125/person


  • Official 2018 M2M Race Shirt
  • Racing Vaka & Support Boat
  • Bottled Water
  • Dinner
  • Beverages
  • Entertainment Pre & Post Race and Evening Function
  • Transfers to and from Event

Special M2M Accommodation packages available from Poppy

Please contact Poppy Doherty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for your registration forms and more details.

Participation Criteria:

Motu2Motu Aitutaki is a fun event but it is also a tough event. For some whom have raced M2M they will tell you..."looking at the race it looks like a paddlers dream, beautiful lagoon, stop offs here and there along the way,............. but no one tells you its this hard a race!"

So in order to try to keep a good balance between the fun and enjoyment and competitive nature of Motu2Motu we need to have a few guidelines and rules to run the event by.

  • Mixed Teams will be selected on a random basis with paddlers from different clubs, countries and paddling abilities put together to create new crew combinations and new friendships
  • open to paddlers 14yrs of age and over (the hill)
  • A minimum of 12 months competitive paddling experience is required by all paddlers internationally and locally
  • Must be able to do water change overs
  • a minimum of 3 female paddlers in the canoe at all times
  • crew members must change at all designated changeover points
  • penalties will be imposed on crews (persons) who do not abide by these guidelines as the participation in the event is to be enjoyed by everyone and the day is bigger than the individual

Those not wishing to paddle but still be part of the race we have a great set up for you on the supporters boat. You too will receive the same inclusions as the paddlers, the only difference the paddlers get wet on the outside you get wet on the inside with a refreshment station and nibbles on board. See Motu2Motu Aitutaki in comfort!

On Thursday the 6th of December our local clubs will be running a Fun V6 Sprint Day at Ootu Point (the finish line of M2M). Proceeds from this day will be gifted to one of our local charities.